Internet connection problem for Time Warner

I have Internet connection at home which is Time Warner. I used to have Adelphia cable campany. Now, Time Warner bought them. Since then, Time Warner monopolizes cable service in my area.

Time Warner Cable

Real issue is their service is so bad. I have never had same inferior services in my country or in the United States.

The connection lost signal as usual and the Internet speed is slow. My friends have Time Warner cable too. They said it too. If you search “lost connection”, you would see lots of articles for Time Warner.

Even I call Tech service, they always said “The signal is OK and the connection is fine.”

My point is

the problem occurs not long time…. It is quite short. So when I make call and wait operator, the connection come up and already fixed it. I do not know why Internet connection is bad and why they do not upgrade..

Most companies have bad customer services in the U.S… I think Apple and Lexus provide superior customer services.

They do not think the services are important in their role. That’s why they outsource those services to out side of the country. They just sell what they made and provided.  They do not care what customer think…

Some of you say the companies need to reduce cost. Yes, I think so. But, why they do not cut unusual higher salaries and bonuses?

Watch Japan Air lines CEO, Mr. Nishimatsu.

YouTube Preview Image

Americans have never learned from their fault. Greedy is their custom.

Hope Time Warner change mind and give us quality service.


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2 Responses to “Internet connection problem for Time Warner”

  1. Afro says:

    I had down time since last night to mourning. I called to tech service. One of their operators is very nice to me. Fixed connection and check it again. Hope no down time again.

  2. umax02 says:

    Well, my Time Warner get lost every 70min or so. It is so annoying when I subscribed to internet TV service. When it is on, the speed is close to 5Mbps/1Mbps, fast enough though should be 15Mbps/2Mbps. Really don’t know what to fix. It seems the signal is lost from the modem, nothing to do with my LAN setting. I’ve never had such problem before Time Warner bought TCI/ATT cable in my area!

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